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Call or text anytime for an appointment! Same-day or next-day cleaning available!

Your carpet and rugs act as a "filter" in your home for your indoor air. Their fibers "grab" particulates and contaminants and hold them. But like any filter, it needs to be cleaned because when it gets full it cannot grab anything else ... and every time you step on a "full" filter you release contaminants back into the air.

Cleaning your carpet is key to a healthy indoor environment. Plus, the EPA's guidelines for cleaning every 6 months to 1 year depending on the number of people and pets in the home, as well as other concerns from allergic sensitivities to how dusty the air is in your neighborhood to whether anyone in the home smokes.

Basciano Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Company can evaluate your particular needs, and with the right equipment and cleaning solutions, can fulfill those needs for you and your family. 

                                     Customer Feedback

Timeliness, Customer Service, Quality, Offerings

Excellent job and better customer service!!

Thanks Donna!

It feels so rare to meet a business owner/employee who treats their customers with the utmost respect. I have enjoyed our conversations and the quality of work each time you have cleaned and help maintained my carpet    

 12/11/20 Thank you so much!

Sep 2, 2021 via Email | Basciano Carpet &Upholstery cleaning

Donna is amazing. She worked wonders on the carpet!


Customer Service, Offerings, Quality, Timeliness

Great work

3/3/20, 8:45 pm

Customer Service, Offerings, Quality, Timeliness

Donna was excellent

Donna did an excellent job. Our carpets look great!! I was also impressed that we were able to get an appointment so soon. We will use Basciano again! Thanks for a job well done!


Donna is amazing. She worked wonders on the carpet!

Different company offer different cleaning method at different prices. No two cleaners are alike, low price does not mean they will do a better job.

Relocating homes soon? Seeking to get your full Rent Security Deposit back? Or are you moving into a new home and would like it sanitized and disinfected, eliminate all the germs, pet hair and dust left behind.

 specialize in move-in/out cleaning.

Well, we are here to HELP... Let us takes care of the cleaning!

All upholstery cleaning includes

Thorough vacuuming of all hairs​ and loose dirt.

Next, we gently hand scrub every part reachable with a professional upholstery cleaning sponge and detergent.

Then use a professional tool that is attached to our powerful truck mount steam machine to extract and rinse germs, dirt, hair, and soap! Leaving it deeply cleansed, soft and fresh smelling!

Microfiber couch cleaning experts! Experienced in deep cleaning to bring back color and softness!

Most dry in about 2 hrs to 4 hrs!

Upholstery cleaning furniture cleaning– Basciano Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning uses a gentle, deep cleaning upholstery shampoo to loosen the dirt and softens the fabrics. The results are impressive making them fresh and clean like-new!

Free removal of spots and most stains!

Affordable rug cleaning!

Cars,trucks and trailers

Steam clean car seats and carpets at your location!

All types of cars, trucks and trailers!

My cleaning includes: pre-vacuuming, pre-spot treatment, apply a quality pre-conditioning detergent, agitation and wash, last but not the least thoroughly “hot water extraction” aka steam cleaning and rinse all the soil out of your carpets with a quality rinse agent. Depending on occupancy and traffic carpet manufacturer Shaw including IICRC recommends that you should have your carpets professionally clean once every 12-18 months.

Basciano Carpet & Upholstery is opened and is ready to care for all your cleaning needs! Be assured that all safety measures are in place. Gloves and masks will be used  for every cleaning upon request!

HWE (Steam) Cleaning the carpets and upholstery is an essential form of getting rid of germs and sanitizing your house!

       Affordable tile & grout steam cleaning

Over 10 years in all types of commercial carpet cleaning! Restaurants, offices and daycares!

  • ​With our  pre-treated enzyme solution gets rid of and properly removes, odor, bacteria, all to ensure a clean and healthy living environment.
  • Using a gentle yet powerful scrubber to pull hair and dirt out of the bottom of the carpets plus gently removes stains.
  • Non-Toxic Steam Cleaning - We use hot water extraction to clean and sanitize. We use top quality equipment and machines with the highest suction power to ensure a faster drying time and to help prevent additional damage. 
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service for any of our services. We're committed to working around your schedule to accommodate your busy schedules while ensuring to give the highest quality of service possible.

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